Comparison Sites That Connect Valuable Customers With Premium Businesses.

Who We Are

Besides our core team, we work with a dedicated group of freelancers around the globe to maximize our leverage.Seasoned: We have been in the online marketing business for 21 years and counting.
Remote: We are headquartered in Munich, Germany but work remotely.
Friendly: We try to be kind to each other and our business partners.
Driven: We drive results, big time.

What We Do

Comparison Sites: We run comparison sites in 12+ countries.
Intermediate: We connect valuable customers with premium businesses.
PPC: We drive high-quality traffic in large volumes via world-class PPC campaigns.
Seasoned: We have been in the online marketing business for 21 years and counting.
Technology: We build proprietary software systems to deliver outstanding results.
Remote: We are headquartered in Munich, Germany but work remotely.
Small: We are a small team with a significant impact - a roaring mouse.

Why Join our team?

Excellence: We run PPC campaigns and websites on a world-class level. If you like working on the innovative edge of things and develop them further, great. If you instead wish to keep things as they are, not ideal.Lightheartedness: While striving for world-class results, we still don't take ourselves and our business more seriously than we think it should be. Business is part of our lives, not the other way around. Friendliness, appreciation, respect goes a long way in our company.Balance: The combination of excellence and lightheartedness is what makes working in our team special. We are no slackers. We drive great results. At the same time, we come from a family-first perspective. That's a combination hard to find.Impact: We are a small team and have short feedback loops. If you love to have a direct impact and see the results of your work fast, you are at the right place. If you better like a large, corporate structure with everything given, we might not be the right place.Organized: We run a super-organized system. That enables us to do the things we do and additionally see how we can make them better. That's way more fun and rewarding than just struggling to get things done every day.Flexibility: We care for family and personal matters. So we are flexible when it comes to combining great results at work with meeting all individual needs.

What open positions do we have?

If we have any open positions, you will find them here.

What is our hiring process?

We have a multi-step hiring process to ensure one thing: we both can be confident to have a great match of expectations. The process is long by design. If you don't favor putting in the effort that's fine. It brings clarity on both sides early on.Step 1: Job description
Step 2: Application questionnaire
Step 3: Video interview
Step 4: Test tasks
Step 5: Video interview
Step 6: Project based cooperation
Step 7: Full team membership
After each step there is a decision point on both sides whether to proceed or not.
Not all steps need to be taken for all roles.

Why Partner with us?

Global: You work with one partner that serves all your countries, big and small.
Premium: You get stable highest quality PPC traffic, leads and sales.
Volume: You receive large volumes of PPC traffic. No peanuts.
Professional: You work with a professional, long-term-oriented partner with high standards.

Who we partner with

Leading: We work with the leading brands in each industry that we serve.
Premium: We receive the highest payouts and deliver corresponding PPC traffic.
Legitimate: We only serve partners with legitimate business models and ethics.
International: We prefer worldwide brands serving multiple countries.

What our partners say

"Digital Reviews delivers great traffic in large volumes and multiple countries. They are very capable in PPC and a great team to work with. In short, a valuable partner."


Please contact us here.

Senior Online Business Development Manager (Part Time / Remote)

The job is remote and possible full-time or part-time.

Are you highly experienced in online business development? But you only want work part-time, remote and flexible while still being in a challenging role? - Then we are looking for you!

Who are we?

[Company description]

Your Results?

Open up new industries: You initiate relationships with brand partners in new industries.Improve our payouts: By using your sales- and negotiation skills you get great terms and payouts from start.Improve partner relations: You keep and improve our partner relations so that our partners are happy to work with us.

Who are we looking for?

Job Experience (must): 5+ years experience in Senior Account Management / Sales / Business Development role. Results. Experience in establishing new relationships with brand clients.Sales (must): You must be able to skillfully and artfully open up relationships with partner companies. When you encounter resistance you switch into persistence mode. You don't take a no for a no. But you do not bluntly try to push through, but cleverly and artfully find your way to move forward. Understand need, ability to put in other person's shoes, creativity in offers.Negotiation (must): Leverage, high-stake negotiations, lots of them, reading situations, bringing interest together, creatively finding options, firmness, combined with friendliness, strong in high stake pressure situations. Understand offers. Navigate in tricky situations.Communication (must): You are a great communicator. Both verbal and in writing. Fluently in English and best possibly as well in German. Your communication is clear, concise, persuasive. Empathy, understanding, Pro-active communication approach. You feel responsible for the communication. You don't wait for our partners to come back. You own the communication with them.Online Experience (strong): The more experience in online marketing the better. A technical understanding is of great benefit.

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